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A Guest Post from Bram E Gieben!

Wonderful description of what sounds like a very valuable experience, especially if you are an enthusiastic aspiring author near the beginning of your writing journey. If Bram recommends it, it must be good.

Rally & Broad

In March this year, Moniack Mhor extremely kindly donated a free place on their forthcoming sci-fi writing course to Rally & Broad for our raffle. March’s theme was ‘Dance While The Sky Crashes Down’ and we were exploring all things dystopian and utopian. Bram E Gieben, writer, poet, performer, musician, was the lucky winner and we were delighted that he got the chance to visit the utterly beautiful writer’s retreat in Invernessshire. 

You can find out more about Moniack Mhor here and more about Bram’s work here.

Thank you to Moniack Mhor for this great opportunity, and thank you to Bram for the guest post!

bram mm

Moniack Mhor writers’ retreat is a charming little converted farmhouse nestled in the hills outside Inverness. A two-storey building with sturdy walls and stone floors, it is equipped with everything a writer might need – monastic dorm rooms with writing desks and breathtaking…

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The Number Shop: artspace & studios

An interesting artist and exhibition space in Edinburgh for young graduates 🙂


Spotted on facebook earlier a nice SummerhallTV video of a good artspace close to where I live on Edinburgh’s Southside. Artist Alistair Grant is the self-starter director, and he talks candidly about his motivations and tactics in wresting a pretty extraordinary empty space from the council. It’s the way many great things start!

I’ve enjoyed The Number Shop exhibitions, and it’s a definite plus having interesting spaces for artists to use in Edinburgh (as Alistair says in the video) and even better when they’re five minutes away from where you live….

Here’s the video. I recommend finding them on facebook and trying to get along to one of their openings – welcoming and civilised affairs!

<p><a href=”″>Alistair Grant : The Number Shop</a> from <a href=””>arts-news</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a>.</p>

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Emily Dickinson texts

More about these two lovely poetry events in Berlin from two of my most favourite poets 🙂


Picked up two important books for performing Subject Index at the Berlin SOUNDOUT! Festival next week, today.

1) a very beautifully produced volume of selected Emily Dickinson poems in German translation from the Carl Hanser Verlag


2) a new copy of the Thomas H. Johnson edition, ready for me to break into it with 5 days of live reading.

Emily and Reverse copy

I wanted to start with a fresh copy, to give me the feeling of first walking on fresh snow again as I begin to read, and although I won’t be reading from the German, I thought it might be handy to have up my dress-sleeve for any conversations with German speakers about Emily D which arise.

Actually, I think Colin Herd and I might attempt some bilingual presentation of Emily D at our night at the Das Gift bar on Wednesday, as he’s a German speaker. More details to come…

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Iain Morrison and Colin Herd: Berlin reading 28/5/14

And would love to go to this too!


Just a quick post to say the reading at Das Gift bar in Berlin is confirmed for Wednesday night, 8.30pm. More details here on Facebook. Hope to see some Berlin faces!

Me and Colin Herd, doing our thing German-style!

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Emily in her new bare cell

Would so love to go to Berlin and see Iain Morrison reading Emily D! Oh well, I hope he might give us a taste when back in Edinburgh 🙂


imageFirst glimpse tonight of where I’ll be reading Subect Index over the next 5 days. Emily D and me are going to be having quite an intense time, I think!

Mehringdamm U-Bahn penal chic.

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Fluctuation, perception and more PACE trial ridiculousness

The thing about ME is that it varies so much from person to person and even within the same person and is completely illusive to describe in general terms. However, this great blog does give a very good idea how it feels for a sufferer, bearing in mind that some people don’t even get good weeks and can’t work at all and may never manage to walk or walk very far, even on the flat. What everyone has in common is that it is devastating to a normal life, it’s just a matter of varying degrees and baffling to understand – even when you have it!

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